October / 15 / 2017 | number of visits : 35 In conclusion, the management of the exhibition expressed its welcome and

The 30th edition of the International Book Fair was concluded in the Iranian capital of Tehran. The pavilion of the Public Cover Foundation was a fruitful and effective participation in the festival which included many publications and publications.
 And the participation of the Foundation in this exhibition was Ghaith Almnmr and a continuous flow of the presence of distinguished and effective, and was agreed with the officials of the exhibition on the mechanism to be dealt with to participate in future sessions.
The pavilion witnessed the presence of some professors in the religious seminaries, academic universities and some political figures, including Mr. Reza Salehi, Minister of Culture and Guidance, his assistant Mr. Abbas Salehi and the director of the exhibition - the Cultural Attaché of the Italian Embassy in Tehran who received the guest of honor at the exhibition. Some of the intellectual products are very impressive, and at the same time, they are repeated.
 It is noteworthy that this participation is the first of the Foundation in the history of the activities of this exhibition, which included publications and publications varied between jurisprudence, religious, academic and educational, in addition to documents and manuscripts of precious subjects of jurisprudence and intellectual and other topics of interest to the institution.
 In conclusion, the management of the exhibition expressed its welcome and happiness with the participation of the institution. The dialogue with the officials on communication and activating the cooperation between the two sides in order to increase cultural cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of exhibitions.
 The Foundation appreciated its role in Najaf and the efforts of the director of its branch in Qom, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Shukri, with the brother of Awadi, who made good efforts in the success of the Foundation's wing.

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